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With so much washing, how is this safe for the environment?

Here at Swifty, we strive to provide our customers with a guilt-free “green clean”. By researching various ways to help keep our environment safe, we have implemented a variety of methods to ensure we do not contribute any dirt, grease, or hazardous material to our neighborhoods while simultaneously cutting down on our water use. Our locations utilize a water reclaim system that recycles and cleans our own water, thus allowing us to reuse our water again and again. A special system has been constructed under our washes to create a filter for this water. Not only does this conserve water, this system filters out the grease, dirt, and grime from our vehicles, which is then disposed of through environmental services, thus eliminating any waste entering the municipal system and other forms of direct pollution. Some of our locations use well water to reduce use and strain on the municipal water system. A wash at any of our locations will use less than ½ of a driveway wash!