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Express Wash Menu

Menu may vary by location.

Covington Highway Memorial Drive Winder
Athens Moreland Avenue McDonough

Super Shine Wash $18
Swifty Special Wash $15
Shine and Protect Wash $10
Base Wash $6

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Wash and Free Vacuum

Our Wash Process Is
Safe For Your Car

Bug Pre Soak

Softens Bugs Before The Wash

Shine And Protect Wheel Guard

Applied Evenly and Consistently

Tire Shine

It's Like Wax For Your Wheels

Rain X

Ehanced Visibility And
Surface Protection

Deep Purple Clean

Cleans and Conditions
Your Paint Surface

Foamy Wax

Adds A Shiny Finish To Your Car

Clear Coat Sealer

It's Clean, Now Lock In The Shine

X Prep

Extra Attention To The Details

Buff and Dry

Soft Cloth Detail At The End
Swifty Super Shine Foam Bath

A Total Paint Sealant Process
Hot Wax

Wax On, The Swifty Way