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Gone are the days of planned, yet unreliable car wash fundraisers…Swifty will support your organization today! Eliminate the stressors of setting up, financing, and organizing your group’s event and let us do it all!

How does it work?

After contacting a Swifty location, we will issue your organization a Group Wash Code to be used by all members and supporters. Using these wash codes, your members can come to the location anytime, type in the code prior to ordering his/her wash, and we will automatically donate a percentage to your organization. At the end of each month, we can track how often your members used our washes, provide detailed reports, and hand over a check… simple as that!

Swifty will provide your supporters eco-friendly washes with a guarantee for the best shine and spot-free clean. Using our locations drastically decreases the total amount of water used (by roughly 60% as compared to most “corner” car washes), removes grease, dirt, and grime without polluting the environment, and eliminates potential car safety hazards: all products are designed specifically to protect your cars ensuring a spotless, safe, and thorough wash. As the codes can be used for months on end, a day of unreliable weather (thunderstorms, droughts, etc.) does not ruin your fundraising efforts. This ability to engage in ongoing fundraising allows you to continually promote your fundraiser to new customers, thus ensuring your organization benefits.

If you are interested in setting up fundraising for your organization, please contact